In the event of a claim, or a circumstance, which may develop into a claim, you should immediately advise Sepio Insurance Management Limited, and:

  • Take prompt action to minimise any loss, damage, or further threat to life or property.
  • Retain damaged property and other evidence for inspection by Insurers.
  • Record all costs in dealing with the event, or in reinstating damage.
  • In respect of any claim where a crime is suspected, notify the Police and give all reasonable assistance in recovering the property and in apprehension and punishment of any guilty person.

As detailed insurance knowledge may be necessary before determining whether an incident is a valid claim, always act as if uninsured and assume that all incidents are potential claims.  Therefore, you should:

  • Complete the necessary documentation in all cases. If the police are notified ensure you obtain a copy of the police notification report.
  • Check that you are acting in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the policy.
  • Seek guidance when in doubt.
  • Comply with insurer’s requests for information.