Programmes designed for key people within organisations who will benefit from a more comprehensive approach to their job search. Delivered predominantly in individual meetings, but with the flexibility to use audio and audio-visual contact to ensure support is available when needed at short notice.
Usually conducted over a 2 to 3-month period.

Programme content:

✓  Individual Situation Assessment

✓  Communications messaging: setting the scene

✓  Insight Values and Work Characteristics profile: recognise your key drivers

✓  Career Profiling: understand how to maximise your strengths

✓  Personal Proposition: learn to articulate your career story

✓  Personal Career Inventory: identify and quantify your Strengths, Competencies and Achievements

✓  Value Creation: gain clarity of the true value you bring to roles and organisations

✓  Career Path Target: evaluate your career options

✓  MenuMaster CV: stand out from the crowd 

✓  Personal Branding: create and maintain your brand, including social media

✓  Accessing the hidden job market: working effectively with recruiters; creating a supportive network

✓  Landing the Interview: identify what employers are really looking for – role and organisation purpose and value

✓  Landing the Job: Conversation of Equals – The Art of the Interview, with intensive interview practice including emerging practices around digital/AI, audio-visual and audio techniques

✓  Referees: maximise positive impact

✓  Closing the deal: handle negotiations

✓  Alternate opportunities: gig/portfolio career options, buying a business, business start-up’s, retirement planning

✜  Plus, our Exclusive Top 1% insights that will put you ahead of the game!